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Thankful Thursday… May 23rd, 2013 May 23, 2013

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Today’s post for Thankful Thursday is dedicated to my amazing Mother (in-law). Today is her birthday.

YaYa, Norma, Grammy, Mom…. whatever you call her she is simply amazing. Her love for her family and friends is without end. She is the most amazing YaYa to Bizz & BooBoo and constantly spoils them with toys, clothes, fun trips… and most importantly with LOVE!

Thanks you for everything you are to us. We Love you. Happy Birthday!




Post #3 of 60!


Synthesize (no, I’m not referring to music from the 80’s) May 21, 2013

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  1. Combine (a number of things) into a coherent whole.

This is my challenge.

I love to learn, I was that kid in elementary and high school that actually enjoyed class and homework (most of the time) and wanted to challenge myself to learn more and raise the bar. Then throughout college I was overwhelmed with information, I suddenly understood with much more clarity the overused saying “ignorance is bliss.” 

Though I don’t actually buy into the concept of ignorance is bliss, I do constantly ask myself how do I take ALL of this information in my head and apply it to my life. How do I actually make my kids future better by knowing this. How can I share this with those I love without overwhelming them in the process.

I don’t have the answers to these questions. But I am going to try my best. I need to consistently focus on making simple changes and being consistent.


BooBoo April 2013

Those are my goals in trying to synthesize all the info on healthy eating and living that I feel are most important to our family right now. And that I feel will make the most impact.

My focus areas in being simple and consistent are:

FOOD – everything that goes into our mouths. Strive for it to have less ingredients, be nutrient dense and organic and for it to have a positive effect on our bodies. Here are the kids enjoying the first harvest from the garden – radishes!

Bizz & BooBoo with radishes

PERSONAL CARE – everything that goes on our bodies. If I don’t know the ingredients then don’t get it. Research anything I don’t know what it is. Try to make as much as possible at home or use simple household ingredients when possible!


RELATIONSHIPS – Be the best wife, mother and friend I can be. Do this by first working to find my own happiness in all that I am doing and then be able to spread that to those around me. Cherish those who are a part of my life. Be present in the moment of what is happening around me.

Hubby & I

DE-CLUTTER – Slowly start to go through notes and books I have and pull out the most pertinent important information to focus on. Get rid of household items that are unnecessary or unused. Stop doing activities that are wasting time and don’t have a purpose.

My bookcase

Awesome, by writing this post I managed to lay out a little bit of a plan and wrap my head around where to focus.

Post 2 of 60… check.




18, 365, 15000, 60… May 20, 2013

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The number of days until my son graduates Kindergarten… 18!

The number of days it has been since hubby started his new job… 365!

The amount of money Book Family Farm needs to raise through their KickStarter program to replace their worn out tractor… $15,000!

The number of days I am going to blog for a challenge Cheeseslave has posted… 60!

This post will be short and sweet. I need to get my butt in gear and start blogging again. If for no other reason then because it makes me feel good and I enjoy it.

Lots going on around here!

I can’t believe my baby boy will be done with Kindergarten within weeks, wasn’t this just yesterday?


I am so proud of my husband…. tomorrow will be his 1 year anniversary at his new job. It’s been a roller coaster in that this was a totally unexpected job change and big family move. We have had our fair share of challenges in the past year… but I feel extremely lucky to have a healthy family and to be able to be a Mom full time to my little ones right now. As an added bonus this beautiful spot is now just 10 minutes from where we live…


I wanted to share a quick little blurb as well about an amazing Kickstarter project going on right NOW! Book Family Farm (in Durham, CA… unfortunately not where I am living right now) is a small family farm that is farming the right way. Raising grass fed, pastured animals and selling them locally. I was lucky enough to visit this farm on a regular basis for a few years before we moved and the kids and I always had a wonderful time keeping chickens from jumping in the car to come home with us and seeing day old calves and baby chicks, among other things. These are just good people working hard! They are doing a Kickstarter to raise money to replace their worn out tractor. Every $1 helps…. and if you are able to give a little more they have some awesome incentives available. A day with the farmer, class field trips, photography sessions on the farm and more! Check it out now.

Book Family Farm Kickstarter

The video at the top of their page in also a must watch…

And finally my personal goal. 60 blog posts in the next 60 days. I can’t promise one every single day… but maybe I will double up some days and blow us all away with the good stuff I have to share 🙂

I don’t know how short this ended up being.. but hopefully it was sweet!

‘Til next time,




Thankful Thursday 10/25/2012 October 25, 2012

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Today, I am thankful for the beauty around where we now live!

Just a few of the many beautiful things that now surround us. More to come in the future of tall tall trees, foggy ocean views, lovely landscapes and coastal flowers…
Have a beautiful day and be thankful for what is in your life!



One step at a time October 23, 2012

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I have a vision. It is straightforward and basic.

Beautiful Double Rainbow yesterday morning!

  • It is the way I guide the health and growth of my children in the most natural and unobtrusive way.
  • It is the way my family and I eat based on a nutrient dense whole foods diet.
  • It is the way I face problems as they arise and handle them with grace and dignity.
  • It is the decisions I make everyday.

But, the decisions I make everyday are not consistently falling into that vision. More often than not lately they have not been within range of that vision. Change is hard and in the past year my family and myself have had a lot of big life changes. Not all bad, but changes nonetheless.

My goal going forward from here is taking these changes and handling them head-on. Working each hour to fit the decisions I make everyday into the vision I have every night.

Today I took a few steps towards that vision.

1. I took a long hot bath with essential oils and epsom salt tonight.

No, this is not a picture of my bath tonight. But it is what I saw when I envisioned it!!

Since the car accident I was in this past January I have suffered from headaches, back and neck pain pretty consistently. Chiropractic care and  Massage therapy has helped a great deal. The past few weeks though I feel like I have reached a hump, my pain and headaches have improved drastically but I am still consistently feeling tightness and soreness through certain areas of my neck and back, which turns into headaches if it goes on too long.  At my last massage I was reminded again how important it is to take care of myself everyday. To take time to relax, to stretch, to concentrate on me instead of everyone else. I am going to work harder to do this each day now. After my bath I drank a glass of water with lemon in it and sat and relaxed (and blogged – which is something I enjoy!!). Let the routine begin.

2. I made an appointment with a Craniosacral Therapist for BooBoo next week.

I have always been on the bridge, between modern healthcare and traditional/alternative/holistic medicines and care. I often want to take a more holistic approach, but I am not always sure how and where to look for the right answers or the right doctor or the right whatever. This has led me to fall back on the modern medicine which is so readily available and recommended in our mainstream. I have felt for awhile that Betty has something going on. Overall her health is very good and she is thriving, but she gets irritable to a point beyond the “terrible twos” often. She sucks her thumbs obsessively, to the point she has had severe blisters that needed to be bandaged and I feared infection. And honestly ever since she had two broken bones within a few months of each other I have just been over-sensitive to everything. But, after much reading and research through other trusted bloggers and books, I called a local craniosacral therapist today and explained the basics and she said it sounded like something that could be very beneficial for BooBoo and I made an appointment. I will keep you all updated on my experience with this!

Wow, just in writing this little entry I am again reminded how much I enjoy to blog. I enjoy sharing, I look forward to feedback, and I just feel good getting it all “out.”

Please feel free to share your visions vs. your everyday life with me. Or any experiences that this brings to mind for you.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of my life.


Me, BooBoo & Bizz enjoying a backyard campfire!


I love a rainy night… October 21, 2012

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I have always loved that song, it is one of those ones that randomly pops into my head and I will sing it for the rest of the day! Even belt it out while cooking dinner sometimes…


Now I live in Humboldt County and am still adjusting to the weather. Tonight the rain is pounding and I know it will be a cold, dreary and wet day tomorrow when I wake up to get Bizz to school. I wonder how much I will love this song once I have lived through my first coastal wet winter.

Time will tell.

At least I get to bake whenever I want here and never have to worry about it being too hot.

Till next time…



Eck – but it’s yummy… October 25, 2011

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ECK = Eggs, Cheese & Ketchup on toast or bread (think BLT, but not). Bizz (my 4 year old son) loves an ECK sandwich, so does BooBoo (my 1 year old daughter) – but hers never really stays together as a sandwich when she tries to eat it. And I am happy to feed it to them because it is super healthy – IF made with the right ingredients.

What it is NOT made with is store-bought white eggs from CAFO raised chickens, processed slices of individually wrapped cheese, Wonder bread and Heinz ketchup.

What it IS made of is Pasture Raised Organic eggs from healthy happy chickens that we purchase weekly at the farmer’s market, and we are lucky enough to visit where they come from once a month or so at Chaffin Family Farms. Raw milk cheese that I purchase through a cheese buying club at our local Weston A Price Foundation. And bread from a local bakery, Miller’s Bakehouse, that is created in the old-world fermentation style! Oh – and the ketchup is a homemade fermented recipe from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook!

Why does it matter?

EGGS – If you have never seen them side by side (and your budget allows) go get a store bought egg and an egg from a pasture raised chicken – break them open in bowls next to each other and notice the difference. The store bought egg probably has a pale yolk and very runny white. The pasture raised egg has a bright orange and larger yolk and the white seems to stay together in a circular glob. This equates into the simple fact that pasture raised chickens have more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E & A and higher amounts of folic acid and B12 then their conventionally raised counterparts. And this means – they make YOU and YOUR KIDS more healthy!!!

CHEESE: Processed cheese is jut plain bad – who wants a product that has been processed, denatured and had who knows what added to it – only to be put back together in perfect little slices between sheets of plastic – Bleh, not us 😦 I much prefer cheese produced from local raw milk and guaranteed to be free from added hormones, antibiotics, gums and artificial ingredients.

BREAD & KETCHUP – While they are very different, the similarity is that conventional store-bought versions of both of these items are filled with artificial ingredients, HFCS, and a lot of words I can’t pronounce and don’t know what they even are. I like my bread to have about 4-10 ingredients that I can read and I like to make my ketchup at home.

Think of your kids favorite quick snack – fruit snacks, string cheese, goldfish, boxed mac & cheese – how can you make these unhealthy snacks turn healthy – and still be quick, convenient, frugal and most importantly more healthy for your children? I challenge you to find a solution.

Before our ECK sandwiches I admit my son ate more than a few sandwiches made with white bread, processed white american cheese and store-bought ketchup. The funny thing is – even he enjoys the new ECK sandwich better 🙂

*Side note on frugality – many of these “healthy real-food” items are MORE expensive then the conventional ones – BUT, you WILL be saving your family money in the long run because you will have healthier, happier children!!


*Shared on The Nourishing Gourment Pennywise Platter 10/27/2011!


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