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Giveaways 7/30 July 30, 2011

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Here is my second post of links for giveaways over the next week! Happy entering and good luck 🙂

Ends today:

Mosquito Outdoor Lantern – Quick Tattletails

Ends throughout the week:

My Baby Clothes Boutique $25 GC – Quick Tattletails – ends 8/1

Rio DVD – Quick Tattletails – ends 8/1

Schwinn Women’s Merge Bicycle – Two of a Kind Working on a Full House & Schwinn – ends 8/1

Snack Taxi Reusable Bags – Musings from A Stay At Home Mom – ends 8/5

Endangerables CD & Animal – Busy Woman’s Guide to Surviving Motherhood – ends 8/5

Rock N Learn DVD – Busy Woman’s Guide… – ends 8/5


Things I love to hear my child say… July 27, 2011

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Raising a child today is hard.

I don’t know if it is harder than it was in the past, and I am sure that our parents thought that raising us was hard.


It is also the most amazing, wonderful and rewarding experience I have had in my life!

I am far from perfect (who decides what perfect is anyway?? I don’t think I would ever want to be anywhere near society’s ideological viewpoint of what the proper way to raise a child is…)

But, there are a lot of things I do that make me feel like an accomplished parent. I don’t usually realize these things until I sit back and listen to my son, or have others tell me about comments he has made.

Here are some of my favorites quotes from my 4 year old son that make me realize that I am raising my kids in a way that is leading them towards a path of healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly and most importantly happy life.

  • Is the Kombucha ready yet?
  • How are Kaylin’s worms from our compost doing?
  • YaYa needs to get her milk from a cow on the farm, not in a carton.
  • Is that fence electric? (We visit a lot of the local farms to see where we get our produce and meat and dairy from)
  • Why aren’t we going to the farmer’s market Wednesday and Saturday this week?

  • Can I plant some more seeds so I can plant more plants in the garden?

And the fact that my son knows the names of all of the people that we regularly visit at the Farmer’s Markets and local farms!

Have a beautiful day –

Remember – If you are a parent or take care of special little ones in your life – be sure to give yourself props –  you are doing amazing!

And don’t forget to give all those parents you know in life some words of encouragement as often as you can, it helps get through the days when no one naps, and the diaper leaks, and the cat pukes all over, and lunch gets burned…. and…. and….


My first pickle adventure! July 26, 2011

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I made pickles – dill spears to be exact.

I attended a food preservation class in town a couple of weeks ago and it was full of wonderful information and it motivated me to get some food preserved! This is the first time I have ever canned pickles so I was excited and nervous to make these for my husband and son who really enjoy pickles!

I don’t eat pickles, so I won’t be able to taste and let you know how delicious (or grotesque) they end up – but here goes!

I picked up a beautiful batch of cukes from the local Saturday morning Farmer’s Market!

First I washed and cut all the cukes into spears and then started to get the brine ready –

1st OOPS – have to let the cukes sit in salt and ice bath for 2 hours, it is already 8pm, hmmmm.. I guess I will be canning late tonight!

Put the cut cukes into a salt and ice bath!

Okay, time to start getting the brine ready – cutting up fresh garlic cloves from my GRUB CSA share…. mmmm, I love the smell of garlic!

Filled my big pots full of water – one for sterilizing, one for the waterbath, tea kettle going in case I need more boiling water, and one saucepan for the brine. (I think I might need a bigger stove for this)


During the time I was waiting for the cukes to sit and water and brine to boil I made a batch of perogi dough – more to come on perogi’s in a future post if you’ve never heard of them. (They are one of my FAVE foods!)


Okay, brine being stirred to a boil, jars in one pot sterlizing…

2nd OOPS – dropped jar lid into brine….

Fished jar lid out…. thinking where is Mom when I need her – she would be having a giggling fit with me right now. Though, when she planted her first garden back in the 70’s just after her and my Dad were married she asked my Dad if she could plant pickles….. hehe! But now she is the most amazing cook and do-everything Mom in the whole world!!

Okay, jar lid out – brine boiling…….

Rinsed cukes and packed in hot jars. Dropped a few garlic heads in each jar and then poured the hot brine over the top!

This is so exciting — I am making pickles!

Okay – putting the jars into the water bath…..

3rd OOPS – hot boiling water about to OVERFLOW out of huge stockpot on stove – ahhhhh…..

Not sure if you can tell – but the water is literally to the very top-most edge of this pot! Now I am hearing my Mom and my sister giggling in the kitchen.

Ladled some hot water out – put lid on and let pot come to rolling boil!

Whew…….. Now I just have to set timer and get ready to take jars out.

Reading over recipe and all the steps again…..

4th OOPS – Oh S—, I forgot to get air bubbles out and wipe the rim before putting lids on. Guess it is too late for that one!

Timer goes off – Pickles have boiled for 10 minutes and then sat for 5. Carefully take each jar out and set on the counter on top of a dishtowel. Before I even have the 2nd jar out I hear *ping* and I do a little whoop of joy and happy dance! It worked, it worked.

All the jars went on to *ping* and now in a few days I will have my hubby test out the spears and get back to you on the verdict!

In the meantime I am enjoying just looking at the beautiful jars of pickles on the kitchen counter and knowing that I canned them. Even with a few oopsies and no experience – it can be done 🙂

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** 8/17/11 Update – The dill spears have been tested by my hubby, Bizz and my mother-in law at this point.

The consensus is that they are very vinegary (next recipe I am going to use one with apple cider vinegar which is supposed to give it a more mellow vinegary taste). But – that they are still yummy and will be gobbled up 🙂


Giveaways! July 23, 2011

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It started inadvertently.

It’s become somewhat of an obsession.

I have always been the type of person who entered contests and giveaways (free ones of course – I rarely gamble or play the lottery).

Recently I became aware of how many giveaways are happening on hundreds (possibly thousands) of blogs at any given minute. I thought it looked fun so I entered a few – and I WON a few!!!

Now, I can’t seem to stop entering giveaways, and as long as I keep winning a few, why stop? (Except that I tend to lose sleep because I am up late entering giveaways….)

And I figure if I can win as many things that I would normally buy and/or things I can use as gifts for christmas, birthdays, etc it will just help us stay on budget and live frugally!

I thought I would share some links for exciting giveaways that I have found with you in case you might want to enter as well! Probably once a week or so I will have a post with a list of “giveaway links”.

Ends Today:

Leg Warmers from Barnyard Baby – Mommy and Me Giveaways

Crane & Co Stationary Set – Mommy and Me Giveaways

The Orb Factory Crown or Tiara – Mommy and Me Giveaways

Ends throughout the week:

Microsoft Office Suite 2010 – Mommy and Me Giveaways – ends 7/25

The Greatest Food Fight of All Time, By James Nesvold – TSUE ~That’s What She Said – ends 7/30

Plow & Hearth Spinning Spiral Sprinkler – In My Opinion – ends 7/26

Happy entering and Good Luck!

I’ll probably have more next week, but I have to get my computer unhooked and ready to go to the dr…



Farmageddon Premier July 22, 2011

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A movie premier in Chico?
A movie that is also premiering in places like New York, San Francisco and LA. Sounds like the place to be!

Due to the wonderful Chaffin Family Orchards and Carol Albrecht the film Farmageddon was shown at the El Rey Theatre a few weeks ago and filmmaker Kristy Canty was there to introduce it and answer questions following the movie. All for the bargain price of $6 (That’s less than it cost to take my son to see Cars 2 this past weekend).

You can read a review from the NY Times on the movie here.

My review – WOW.

As a person who gets Raw Milk from a local cowshare, gets veggies from a local CSA and tries* to do the majority of shopping at farmer’s markets and local natural food stores this is scary stuff. (*note – tries, I am still struggling!!)

My mind is still completely baffled by the idea that you can easily go to the grocery store and buy cigarettes, alcohol, junk food laden with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), savory foods laden with MSG, and “healthy” meals with a list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce longer than the nutritional facts – and there is NO problem with that.

BUT – your local farm could be being harassed for working to produce organic, bio-dynamic, natural grass-fed meats & pastured meats and raw dairy products.

Say What??? I guess I am missing something.

Or maybe it isn’t me that is missing something…

If you have the opportunity go see Farmageddon, you won’t be disappointed.

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This is me. July 21, 2011

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I’m Jesse. I am described as a hippie-mama by my hubby, but really I am just doing my best to raise my family and live in the most eco-friendly, healthy, sustainable and most importantly HAPPY way we can. Easier said than done…

I hope to share recipes, ideas for living in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, pictures of adventures we take and mistakes we make, and basically make a forum for all that is good and bad is raising kids and doing your best at it!

Among other things!

Please share any ideas of what you would love to see on this blog!

I have some long term goals as well for this blog… those we’ll talk about later 🙂



Bizz and BooBoo?

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What the heck does that mean?

You spend all this time deciding on a name for your baby to come….. girl names, boy names. Should we go with a family name, a common name, an unknown name?

You decide on the winning name!  Then within weeks you find yourself (or others) calling your new bundles by something else.

For us it was Bizz and BooBoo –

Our son was Bizz (sometimes Bizzle) and our daughter is BooBoo. These aren’t the only nicknames we call them, and not even the most common. But for me, they are the ones that stick with me the most and bring a warm fuzzy feeling as I picture their sweet face or little hands :)

Do you have a nickname, or do your kids? Nicknames are so fun, and often have great stories behind them!!