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GRUB CSA Share! August 4, 2011

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Every other Tuesday I pick up a produce “share” from the GRUB farm in Chico.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it one of the coolest things ever!

Here are some pictures of the amazing veggies in our share this week:

This is the first time I have ever even seen Okra, it’s pretty neat-o. Now what the heck do I do with it??

Beautiful assortment of cherry tomatoes, big beef slicers, red zebra and some other heirlooms!

And these are the cherry tomatoes that we picked and as I was walking into the house with BooBoo dropped, and then stepped on….. never a dull moment 😉

Bell peppers, jalapenos, and sweet red peppers.

More eggplant parmesan coming up!

And of course plenty of cukes and squash!

Now what to do with all of these amazing items??

One of my favorite things about bring a CSA member is that not only do I get fresh, organic, delicious produce. But, it also forces me out of my comfort zone to try new things and find new recipes to use veggies I would not normally purchase!

Let me know if you have any great tried and true recipes, salads, or ideas of what to make with any of these items!

Happy Summer!



3 Responses to “GRUB CSA Share!”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Let me know what you try with the Okra, I’ve never tried it! I keep telling Roy we should buy a new food item each week at the farmers market, but he’s not typically as gung-ho to try new foods as I am. 🙂

    So the Grub thing, do you have to contribute to taking care of the crops, or you pay a share and they give you a food share? I’ve seen booths at the farmers markets that say GRUB but I’m not terribly familiar with it.

    • I hear Roy’s point, I normally am not if I have to buy it separately, but when it is a part of the CSA it is perfect 🙂
      For the GRUB CSA you basically pay an amount to join (to help with their farming costs, supplies, etc) and then pay a monthly amount and each week on tues or thurs afternoon you go out to the farm and pick up all your produce! You don’t have to work on the farm or anything, but they do have volunteer works days and stuff! Check out their website –

  2. Emily Purvis Says:

    If you’re into pickling, you should pickle the okra! Next time you do a round of cukes, set aside a pint jar for the okra. I’ve been looking for okra to pickle for the last few weeks, with no real luck. It’s one of our favorites. This year we’ll have to be content with cukes and green beans, which thankfully my family is fine with. Good luck with that okra!

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