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Waste Not, Want Not August 18, 2011

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** This was a guest post I wrote for Grandma’s Guide to Life that was published last week – wanted to re-post for anyone who might have missed it!!

“said to advise someone not to waste anything, because they might need it in the future” 

from the Cambridge Dictionaries Online

The origin of this saying is unbeknownst to me, in doing a quick online search there are varying ideas of where it came from, many associate it with The Great Depression.

I associate it with a way to live. We live in such a throw-away society it is mind-boggling. People commonly throw out old appliances, furniture, etc because they would rather buy a new one then fix the old.

What does this result in? A lot of trash. A mindset that doesn’t truly cherish and value the items we own. And for many a longing for things to be made “the way they used to” but in reality why should big businesses make items the way they used to when people are so quick to move on to something new.

Hmmmm.. this could turn into quite the discussion.

But how can we waste not, want not in our everyday lives??

Lots of ways:

  • Recycle & Reuse – not just putting stuff in your recyling bin, but truly thinking outside the box of ways to reuse it or recycle it yourself

Use those old egg cartons as great painting trays for the kids!

Start your seeds in empty plastic jugs, jars, yogurt containers.

Use newspaper and old maps as wrapping paper for some beautiful and unique looking gifts.

Reuse jars from spaghetti sauce, dressing, etc as vases. Let your kids paint them.

Reuse jars to store dried foods in or to store items purchases in bulk!

Snip your plants and place in a water vase until roots grow and then re-plant. Add more greenery to your home this way or gift your new plant to a friend!

  • Compost – ALL that food that either doesn’t get eaten, or the trimmings off of your fruit and veggies, along with paper waste and green waste can be recycled – in your own backyard!

Not only does this give great use to all that stuff – but now you don’t have to spend money on expensive compost or fertilizer for your garden, and you can grow wonderful veggies and more with your homemade compost and save money at the store!

And your kids will LOVE checking out the bugs in the compost and in your garden soil!

Also helps grow great worms in your garden area that can be hunted for at night and then used on your camping trip to fish that weekend!

  • Teach our children to do these things. They won’t need the newest toys and clothes, etc if they understand how important it is to reuse and if they can see the beauty in the simple things they do have!

As the saying goes – our children are our future. How do we want them to live?

  • Have less in your life – less tv, less toys, less white noise. Stop and enjoy the simple things that are around us!

The simple beauty you start to see around you when the tv isn’t always on and your kids are using their imagination instead of pressing buttons on ready made toys is amazing!!



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