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Sweet Repeats – make some money and clean your house! September 13, 2011

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This past Spring I heard about something called Sweet Repeats. I honestly can’t remember where I first saw it – but I thought it was a new cupcake shop or something at first!

Then I learned more about it…. and it is so much better 🙂

Sweet Repeats Chico is a local consignment sale for maternity clothes and kids clothes, toys, equipment, etc! It happens twice a year and if you haven’t been involved yet – you have plenty of time to get ready for the next sale!

In a nutshell this is how it works – you go to the Sweet Repeats Chico website and sign up to be a consignor (if you mention that I referred you I get a referral credit of $5 to shop at the sale – and you can get the same by referring people!!)

Pull together all the piles of stuff you don’t want anymore awesome clothes, old strollers, books and more that you want to sell. Then YOU tag it all at home – enter it on the computer through the Sweet Repeats System –  set your own price – print out barcoded tags and attach to items – then sign up for a drop off shift before the sale begins and off you go!

From the Spring Sale - photo from the Sweet Repeats Website

Consignors who tag their own items make between 65% and 75% of their items sold! There is also a Sell It For Me option in which you can drop off all your items and have someone else tag and price them – and you still make 40% of all items sold!

Here is a press release about the upcoming Sweet Repeats sale:

Sweet Repeats Kid’s Consignment Sale – Helping Local Families Stretch Their Budget

After being laid off from her job over a year ago, local mom, Monica Itamura, had a lightbulb moment.  She was preparing to travel 3 hours away to sell her son’s outgrown clothing, toys and gear at a seasonal kid’s consignment sale over 100 miles away and realized sale she was attending was the perfect concept for  Chico and families in the north state.  Sweet Repeats Kid’s Consignment Sale was born!

This seasonal sales event is held twice a year (each fall and spring), and enables families to recycle their gently used kid’s items to others in the local community.  The last sale, held in May 2011, featured tens of thousands of quality baby and kid’s items for sale at a fraction of the retail cost. Hundreds of shoppers snapped up incredible bargains on brand name clothing, gear and toys. At the same time, consignors (local families) cleared out their clutter and made money on items they no longer needed.

Sweet Repeats sales also showcase many local artisans selling locally made children’s items (bedding, clothing, bibs, splat mats, baby slings, tutus and more). 

Local charities in need also benefit from Sweet Repeat Kid’s Consignment Sales. Consignors may opt to donate some or all of their unsold items. Thousands of baby and kids items were donated from the spring 2011 sale to Youth & Family Programs of Butte County and the Butte County ILP Store.  Donations from the fall 2011 sale will also benefit Youth & Family Programs of Butte County. 

The next Sweet Repeats Kid’s Consignment Sale is Oct 8-9 at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. Families, moms, dads, grandparents, friends and relatives are invited to shop and find great deals, make some money, and feel good about reducing their carbon footprint by reusing resources. Sweet Repeats makes it easy to save GREEN, make GREEN & be GREEN. For information on becoming a consignor or shopping at the sale, please visit

How awesome is that???

If you are in Chico or surrounding areas get signed up now or put it on your calendar to go shop – you won’t regret it. Check it out on their facebook page!

Toys and Equipment at the Spring Sale - photo from Sweet Repeats Website!

When I participated in the spring I tagged and brought in about 2 big boxes of clothes along with a few baby items (bouncy seat, johnny jump up, etc) and I ended up making $175 – I was so pleased! I also spent about $15 shopping and ended up with 4 nice sweaters and 3 dresses for BooBoo plus a bunch of shirts for Bizz and a couple new books! It is a win-win!!

Have a great day!



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