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Who says only kids can play in the mud? September 19, 2011

My sister and I have never exactly been the “girly” types.

Growing up in northeastern PA on a dairy farm (for a short while for me) and always out in the boonies we played in the dirt, fished, collected tadpoles, got excited during hunting season and so on.

While we both have found our feminine sides and enjoy dressing up and getting pretty (I think her more than me – she has a lot of shoes!!) we still aren’t exactly girly.

So… when we heard about a 5k Mudder Challenge – we signed up.

What better way to spend some quality sister bonding time and to have fun then running 3 miles through mud, over hay bales, up hills and into the Sacramento River?

Aerial Shot of the area the Mud Run took place!

Here is my sister and I before the race began – it was about 7:30 am! (Note the color of our clothes….)


And we made it….. don’t have any pics from during the race – but finally got these of the finish (note the new color of our clothes) 🙂

Almost there...

Finish strong!

And we still like to play in the mud!

A few tips for anyone who is going to run a mudder (and for me to remember for next time):

  • Bring a waterproof throw away camera, or a friend who can take pics!
  • Wear pants that will stay on (Yeah, I had to take a safety-pin off my race # and pin my pants which were falling off 3/4 of the way through the race from the MUD!)
  • Create a team and dress up or have a name (or both) – we raced as individuals, but are figuring out our team for next year!
  • Have fun and wrestle in the mud a little more 🙂

The run was a fundraiser for a local non-profit, River Partners. Here is a little about what they do: The mission of River Partners is to create wildlife habitat for the benefit of people and the environment. River Partners protects the environment by implementing large scale restoration along streams and rivers. We work on the major river systems of the Western United States.

Now we are looking into the next Mud Run we are going to participate in… and I am working on getting in better shape so my sister has to keep up with me (instead of me slowing her down!)


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