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Eck – but it’s yummy… October 25, 2011

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ECK = Eggs, Cheese & Ketchup on toast or bread (think BLT, but not). Bizz (my 4 year old son) loves an ECK sandwich, so does BooBoo (my 1 year old daughter) – but hers never really stays together as a sandwich when she tries to eat it. And I am happy to feed it to them because it is super healthy – IF made with the right ingredients.

What it is NOT made with is store-bought white eggs from CAFO raised chickens, processed slices of individually wrapped cheese, Wonder bread and Heinz ketchup.

What it IS made of is Pasture Raised Organic eggs from healthy happy chickens that we purchase weekly at the farmer’s market, and we are lucky enough to visit where they come from once a month or so at Chaffin Family Farms. Raw milk cheese that I purchase through a cheese buying club at our local Weston A Price Foundation. And bread from a local bakery, Miller’s Bakehouse, that is created in the old-world fermentation style! Oh – and the ketchup is a homemade fermented recipe from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook!

Why does it matter?

EGGS – If you have never seen them side by side (and your budget allows) go get a store bought egg and an egg from a pasture raised chicken – break them open in bowls next to each other and notice the difference. The store bought egg probably has a pale yolk and very runny white. The pasture raised egg has a bright orange and larger yolk and the white seems to stay together in a circular glob. This equates into the simple fact that pasture raised chickens have more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E & A and higher amounts of folic acid and B12 then their conventionally raised counterparts. And this means – they make YOU and YOUR KIDS more healthy!!!

CHEESE: Processed cheese is jut plain bad – who wants a product that has been processed, denatured and had who knows what added to it – only to be put back together in perfect little slices between sheets of plastic – Bleh, not us 😦 I much prefer cheese produced from local raw milk and guaranteed to be free from added hormones, antibiotics, gums and artificial ingredients.

BREAD & KETCHUP – While they are very different, the similarity is that conventional store-bought versions of both of these items are filled with artificial ingredients, HFCS, and a lot of words I can’t pronounce and don’t know what they even are. I like my bread to have about 4-10 ingredients that I can read and I like to make my ketchup at home.

Think of your kids favorite quick snack – fruit snacks, string cheese, goldfish, boxed mac & cheese – how can you make these unhealthy snacks turn healthy – and still be quick, convenient, frugal and most importantly more healthy for your children? I challenge you to find a solution.

Before our ECK sandwiches I admit my son ate more than a few sandwiches made with white bread, processed white american cheese and store-bought ketchup. The funny thing is – even he enjoys the new ECK sandwich better 🙂

*Side note on frugality – many of these “healthy real-food” items are MORE expensive then the conventional ones – BUT, you WILL be saving your family money in the long run because you will have healthier, happier children!!


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My October Absence… and a visit to the Pumpkin Farm! October 20, 2011

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Well October and fall arrived….. and my blog diminished!

No particular reason, I was doing so well keeping up on 4-5 posts per week, and then I missed a few days, and a few more… and then the not writing blog posts habit must have began. They say it takes 7 days to form a habit, right? So now I will work to write a new post for the next 7 (or so) days and get back to the grind 🙂

This past weekend we visited a local pumpkin patch at TJ Farms with my husband’s parents and we had a wonderful time.

We are ready to go Mom!

I just love these little wagons they have, they are so fun!

So many pumpkins, so little time!

BooBoo was playing the drums on this one.

And Bizz found his pumpkin!

Caught this moment just before they both started looking away and wandering off!

BooBoo was having the time of her life riding while big brother pulled the wagon loaded with pumpkins!

The Pumpkin Thief strikes again…

And the whole family in the barn!

Happy Halloween

And a quick flashback… the below two pictures were taken last year (2010) at TJ Farms when hubby and I took Bizz & BooBoo!

*Sidenote – how weird is it that I wore the exact same shirt last year and this year. Didn’t even realize until I pulled up these pictures.

What are your favorite halloween traditions?

I am looking forward to hubby and Bizz carving some jack-o-lanterns and to trick-or-treating with the kids at Grampy and YaYa’s house!


PS – Thanks to my wonderful father in law for taking a lot of the pictures you see in this post 🙂 My camera cohort-in-action!


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Giveaways & Discount Codes 10/13! October 13, 2011

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Here is the weekly when I get a chance giveaway links post!

Let me know if you win anything, it will make me smile

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Wordless Wednesday – An Apple Day October 5, 2011

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Hello! Sorry I have been somewhat missing lately on here…. busy with a lot of projects right now and some other things that have come up as well. More to come on that later (hopefully!)

But, I wanted to at least get a post or two in this week – and what better way than Wordless Wednesday.

This past Saturday we visited my parents and attended their town’s Apple Festival. Then went to their house and harvested their apple tree and made some pie 🙂

BooBoo enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Bizz picking some apples!


A cool bug on one of the apples!

Some harvesting love.


Bizz is such a good helper!!

The pie is ready to cook thanks to Grandma & Grandpa!


Have a beautiful day!

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