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As time goes by… September 6, 2011

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My first Mother’s Day (in 2009) my Mom gave me a beautiful little honeysuckle plant. I planted it on the fence entering my garden area and it has been so fun to watch how it has grown over the years.

I realize now that each year I should be taking a picture of the kids with the plant! I will have to start tomorrow 🙂

But here is a little photo essay of my honeysuckle and surrounding area over the past couple years:

Here is the honeysuckle a few months after it was planted. With morning glories growing all around it!

Mostly morning glories taking over - small honeysuckle along the bottom!

The start of a spring garden with the growing honeysuckle in the background!

The honeysuckle is slowly taking over the fence!

The honeysuckle has taken over 🙂

The simply, but beautiful honeysuckle bloom!

And I know I have a photo of the whole honeysuckle right now – it is HUGE! But I can’t find it right now. I will either find it soon…. or just go take another picture of it and update soon 🙂

Here are 2 pictures I took today (September 7th, 2011) of the front and back of my honeysuckle – 2 years and 3 months after it was planted! (Excuse the mess of my yard and garden around it!!)

Hope you had a chance to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the honeysuckle – close your eyes — can you smell the lovely fragrance….. I hope so!

I have memories of being a little girl sucking the sweet nectar out of honeysuckle blooms all summer long!

Have an amazing day!


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