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One step at a time October 23, 2012

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I have a vision. It is straightforward and basic.

Beautiful Double Rainbow yesterday morning!

  • It is the way I guide the health and growth of my children in the most natural and unobtrusive way.
  • It is the way my family and I eat based on a nutrient dense whole foods diet.
  • It is the way I face problems as they arise and handle them with grace and dignity.
  • It is the decisions I make everyday.

But, the decisions I make everyday are not consistently falling into that vision. More often than not lately they have not been within range of that vision. Change is hard and in the past year my family and myself have had a lot of big life changes. Not all bad, but changes nonetheless.

My goal going forward from here is taking these changes and handling them head-on. Working each hour to fit the decisions I make everyday into the vision I have every night.

Today I took a few steps towards that vision.

1. I took a long hot bath with essential oils and epsom salt tonight.

No, this is not a picture of my bath tonight. But it is what I saw when I envisioned it!!

Since the car accident I was in this past January I have suffered from headaches, back and neck pain pretty consistently. Chiropractic care and  Massage therapy has helped a great deal. The past few weeks though I feel like I have reached a hump, my pain and headaches have improved drastically but I am still consistently feeling tightness and soreness through certain areas of my neck and back, which turns into headaches if it goes on too long.  At my last massage I was reminded again how important it is to take care of myself everyday. To take time to relax, to stretch, to concentrate on me instead of everyone else. I am going to work harder to do this each day now. After my bath I drank a glass of water with lemon in it and sat and relaxed (and blogged – which is something I enjoy!!). Let the routine begin.

2. I made an appointment with a Craniosacral Therapist for BooBoo next week.

I have always been on the bridge, between modern healthcare and traditional/alternative/holistic medicines and care. I often want to take a more holistic approach, but I am not always sure how and where to look for the right answers or the right doctor or the right whatever. This has led me to fall back on the modern medicine which is so readily available and recommended in our mainstream. I have felt for awhile that Betty has something going on. Overall her health is very good and she is thriving, but she gets irritable to a point beyond the “terrible twos” often. She sucks her thumbs obsessively, to the point she has had severe blisters that needed to be bandaged and I feared infection. And honestly ever since she had two broken bones within a few months of each other I have just been over-sensitive to everything. But, after much reading and research through other trusted bloggers and books, I called a local craniosacral therapist today and explained the basics and she said it sounded like something that could be very beneficial for BooBoo and I made an appointment. I will keep you all updated on my experience with this!

Wow, just in writing this little entry I am again reminded how much I enjoy to blog. I enjoy sharing, I look forward to feedback, and I just feel good getting it all “out.”

Please feel free to share your visions vs. your everyday life with me. Or any experiences that this brings to mind for you.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of my life.


Me, BooBoo & Bizz enjoying a backyard campfire!


Eck – but it’s yummy… October 25, 2011

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ECK = Eggs, Cheese & Ketchup on toast or bread (think BLT, but not). Bizz (my 4 year old son) loves an ECK sandwich, so does BooBoo (my 1 year old daughter) – but hers never really stays together as a sandwich when she tries to eat it. And I am happy to feed it to them because it is super healthy – IF made with the right ingredients.

What it is NOT made with is store-bought white eggs from CAFO raised chickens, processed slices of individually wrapped cheese, Wonder bread and Heinz ketchup.

What it IS made of is Pasture Raised Organic eggs from healthy happy chickens that we purchase weekly at the farmer’s market, and we are lucky enough to visit where they come from once a month or so at Chaffin Family Farms. Raw milk cheese that I purchase through a cheese buying club at our local Weston A Price Foundation. And bread from a local bakery, Miller’s Bakehouse, that is created in the old-world fermentation style! Oh – and the ketchup is a homemade fermented recipe from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook!

Why does it matter?

EGGS – If you have never seen them side by side (and your budget allows) go get a store bought egg and an egg from a pasture raised chicken – break them open in bowls next to each other and notice the difference. The store bought egg probably has a pale yolk and very runny white. The pasture raised egg has a bright orange and larger yolk and the white seems to stay together in a circular glob. This equates into the simple fact that pasture raised chickens have more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E & A and higher amounts of folic acid and B12 then their conventionally raised counterparts. And this means – they make YOU and YOUR KIDS more healthy!!!

CHEESE: Processed cheese is jut plain bad – who wants a product that has been processed, denatured and had who knows what added to it – only to be put back together in perfect little slices between sheets of plastic – Bleh, not us 😦 I much prefer cheese produced from local raw milk and guaranteed to be free from added hormones, antibiotics, gums and artificial ingredients.

BREAD & KETCHUP – While they are very different, the similarity is that conventional store-bought versions of both of these items are filled with artificial ingredients, HFCS, and a lot of words I can’t pronounce and don’t know what they even are. I like my bread to have about 4-10 ingredients that I can read and I like to make my ketchup at home.

Think of your kids favorite quick snack – fruit snacks, string cheese, goldfish, boxed mac & cheese – how can you make these unhealthy snacks turn healthy – and still be quick, convenient, frugal and most importantly more healthy for your children? I challenge you to find a solution.

Before our ECK sandwiches I admit my son ate more than a few sandwiches made with white bread, processed white american cheese and store-bought ketchup. The funny thing is – even he enjoys the new ECK sandwich better 🙂

*Side note on frugality – many of these “healthy real-food” items are MORE expensive then the conventional ones – BUT, you WILL be saving your family money in the long run because you will have healthier, happier children!!


*Shared on The Nourishing Gourment Pennywise Platter 10/27/2011!


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Laundry Detergent – Easy & Inexpensive! September 7, 2011

I never knew what it meant to do laundry (I mean real laundry) until I had kids!

I remember being able to do a couple of loads on my day off when I was in college and I would be set for the rest of the week, maybe longer. At that point spending $8-$15 per container of laundry detergent was no big deal because it would last me a long time.

Once you have kids – whether babies or toddlers (and I am sure teenagers and on up, I am just not there yet) you will never again be caught up with laundry! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming – do a load every day and set a day each week or every other week to wash all the bed sheets and big stuff. But – it does get expensive. I prefer to use detergent that is fragrance free, and as natural as possible – so that means it usually costs even more.

Living on a frugal budget I needed to find a solution – and I have! It doesn’t help find socks lost in the dryer – but it does help save money and clean my clothes all naturally!

I make my own liquid laundry detergent (and have made powdered as well)! It ends up being less than .10 cents per load and cleans my clothes marvelously without any harsh fragrances or chemicals!

Here is how I do it:

Ingredients and Supplies needed:

  • Borax
  • Bar of Soap (I used Dr Bronner’s Citrus this time!)
  • Washing Soda
  • Water
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Saucepan

That’s all folks!

The process:

Put 4 cups of water into the saucepan and start to heat up while you take your bar soap and either grate it or cut off shavings with a knife (I did the shavings, easier than grating for me!)

Once the water just about boils add your soap and stir it steadily (without boiling) until all soap has dissolved.

*Caution – If you walk away and forget about this and it gets too hot it will OVERFLOW SUDSY WATER all over your stove (not that I know this from experience or anything….)

Once the soap has completely dissolved remove from heat.

Add 3 gallons of hot water (I just used hot tap water – didn’t have to be boiling hot) to your 5 gallon bucket.

Pour the soapy water in and mix well for several minutes.

Next add 1 cup of washing soda – mix well until completely dissolved!

Finally add 1/2 cup borax (this can be omitted if you do not want to use borax – but it does help with set in stains and really dirty camping clothes) – mix well until completely dissolved.

Cover your bucket and let sit overnight.

The next day you will have a mixture of slimy awesome goo. I use about 1/2-1 cup of this liquid detergent per load.

Have fun and enjoy your laundry!


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I have hairy legs. August 16, 2011

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Yes, my legs are hairy. Not the oops, I haven’t shaved for 3 days hairy or the I went camping for a week hairy, but the I stopped shaving about 7 or 8 months ago hairy.

I can still wear cute shoes with hairy legs!

I didn’t decide one day to stop shaving my legs. But it happened, and now I couldn’t be happier!

Let me explain.

Last fall I got really into being more healthy – for me, for my kids and husband, and for the earth around us. Not by buying healthy choices meals and trying to jump on the “go green” bandwagon. I started learning what REAL food is, and what is REALLY going into our bodies when we use so many typical household cleaners and beauty aids. I started making MAJOR changes in my life and household.

The more I learned I felt like I was having chain ah-ha moments. It all made sense to me and the way I want to live. I felt like this is how I am supposed to be living and I have finally figured out how to do it.

Getting milk from cows that eat nothing but grass on a local farm – that is where a TRUE happy cow comes from.

Buying the majority of your food from local farms, farmer’s market and the co-op – healthier, easier and so much more fun with the kids then braving a trip to Winco with two kids in tow.

Getting rid of harsh chemicals that make my floor look clean me feel like crap – no problem.

Putting coconut oil and honey on my skin instead of perfumed lotions and medicated gels – LOVE!

So back to my hairy legs. It started because I had switched to locally made natural soaps and I was not using shampoo & conditioner (just baking soda and vinegar) and I wanted to find a solution for a shave gel that would not give me nasty red spots and was all natural. I wasn’t finding anything that I could afford, and I was out of razors. So I just stopped shaving for awhile.

I would “trim” my leg hair once a week or so with my husbands electric razor when it seemed to be getting really long.

I asked my hubby if he minded me having hairy legs – and he didn’t. Who knew?

Isn’t it funny how something becomes a “norm” in society and everyone does it unquestionably. And the opposite of that norm becomes gross or weird, even in our own minds…

My biggest challenge once I decided not to shave anymore was overcoming the voices in my head telling me that my legs look gross or that everyone will be staring at me if I wear shorts outside.

After awhile I stopped trimming my leg hair as well and now I just have plain old hairy legs. And honestly – I Love It.

No one stops and stares at me at the lake or the park.

I never have to deal with razor bumps or prickly leg hair.

I save a ton of money on shaving cream and razors (those venus disposable heads are like $20 for 8…)

and most importantly – I HAVE LEARNED THAT IT IF YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING JUST DO IT – IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK, and probably – they won’t even notice!

An interesting tidbit I found was this article that mentions the idea of shaving underarms began purely as a marketing ploy around 1915. Hmmmm.


And in case you are wondering – I don’t shave my armpits either…

Photo taken by Bizz, courtesy of Kaylin Trotter’s camera!