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Things I love to hear my child say… July 27, 2011

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Raising a child today is hard.

I don’t know if it is harder than it was in the past, and I am sure that our parents thought that raising us was hard.


It is also the most amazing, wonderful and rewarding experience I have had in my life!

I am far from perfect (who decides what perfect is anyway?? I don’t think I would ever want to be anywhere near society’s ideological viewpoint of what the proper way to raise a child is…)

But, there are a lot of things I do that make me feel like an accomplished parent. I don’t usually realize these things until I sit back and listen to my son, or have others tell me about comments he has made.

Here are some of my favorites quotes from my 4 year old son that make me realize that I am raising my kids in a way that is leading them towards a path of healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly and most importantly happy life.

  • Is the Kombucha ready yet?
  • How are Kaylin’s worms from our compost doing?
  • YaYa needs to get her milk from a cow on the farm, not in a carton.
  • Is that fence electric? (We visit a lot of the local farms to see where we get our produce and meat and dairy from)
  • Why aren’t we going to the farmer’s market Wednesday and Saturday this week?

  • Can I plant some more seeds so I can plant more plants in the garden?

And the fact that my son knows the names of all of the people that we regularly visit at the Farmer’s Markets and local farms!

Have a beautiful day –

Remember – If you are a parent or take care of special little ones in your life – be sure to give yourself props –  you are doing amazing!

And don’t forget to give all those parents you know in life some words of encouragement as often as you can, it helps get through the days when no one naps, and the diaper leaks, and the cat pukes all over, and lunch gets burned…. and…. and….