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Bizz and BooBoo? July 21, 2011

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What the heck does that mean?

You spend all this time deciding on a name for your baby to come….. girl names, boy names. Should we go with a family name, a common name, an unknown name?

You decide on the winning name!  Then within weeks you find yourself (or others) calling your new bundles by something else.

For us it was Bizz and BooBoo –

Our son was Bizz (sometimes Bizzle) and our daughter is BooBoo. These aren’t the only nicknames we call them, and not even the most common. But for me, they are the ones that stick with me the most and bring a warm fuzzy feeling as I picture their sweet face or little hands :)

Do you have a nickname, or do your kids? Nicknames are so fun, and often have great stories behind them!!