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I have hairy legs. August 16, 2011

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Yes, my legs are hairy. Not the oops, I haven’t shaved for 3 days hairy or the I went camping for a week hairy, but the I stopped shaving about 7 or 8 months ago hairy.

I can still wear cute shoes with hairy legs!

I didn’t decide one day to stop shaving my legs. But it happened, and now I couldn’t be happier!

Let me explain.

Last fall I got really into being more healthy – for me, for my kids and husband, and for the earth around us. Not by buying healthy choices meals and trying to jump on the “go green” bandwagon. I started learning what REAL food is, and what is REALLY going into our bodies when we use so many typical household cleaners and beauty aids. I started making MAJOR changes in my life and household.

The more I learned I felt like I was having chain ah-ha moments. It all made sense to me and the way I want to live. I felt like this is how I am supposed to be living and I have finally figured out how to do it.

Getting milk from cows that eat nothing but grass on a local farm – that is where a TRUE happy cow comes from.

Buying the majority of your food from local farms, farmer’s market and the co-op – healthier, easier and so much more fun with the kids then braving a trip to Winco with two kids in tow.

Getting rid of harsh chemicals that make my floor look clean me feel like crap – no problem.

Putting coconut oil and honey on my skin instead of perfumed lotions and medicated gels – LOVE!

So back to my hairy legs. It started because I had switched to locally made natural soaps and I was not using shampoo & conditioner (just baking soda and vinegar) and I wanted to find a solution for a shave gel that would not give me nasty red spots and was all natural. I wasn’t finding anything that I could afford, and I was out of razors. So I just stopped shaving for awhile.

I would “trim” my leg hair once a week or so with my husbands electric razor when it seemed to be getting really long.

I asked my hubby if he minded me having hairy legs – and he didn’t. Who knew?

Isn’t it funny how something becomes a “norm” in society and everyone does it unquestionably. And the opposite of that norm becomes gross or weird, even in our own minds…

My biggest challenge once I decided not to shave anymore was overcoming the voices in my head telling me that my legs look gross or that everyone will be staring at me if I wear shorts outside.

After awhile I stopped trimming my leg hair as well and now I just have plain old hairy legs. And honestly – I Love It.

No one stops and stares at me at the lake or the park.

I never have to deal with razor bumps or prickly leg hair.

I save a ton of money on shaving cream and razors (those venus disposable heads are like $20 for 8…)

and most importantly – I HAVE LEARNED THAT IT IF YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING JUST DO IT – IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK, and probably – they won’t even notice!

An interesting tidbit I found was this article that mentions the idea of shaving underarms began purely as a marketing ploy around 1915. Hmmmm.


And in case you are wondering – I don’t shave my armpits either…

Photo taken by Bizz, courtesy of Kaylin Trotter’s camera!