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That pesky little garden! August 11, 2011

I am finally starting to see some of the fruits of our labor! Beautiful cherry tomatoes and a few lemon cukes were ready when my hubby and I returned from our weekend anniversary camping getaway!

But along with all of the good is, of course, the not so good.

I have taken pictures of several of the “problem” areas in my garden and I am hoping some of you super green thumbs or garden gurus might have words of wisdom as to what is causing the problem and how I can fix it!

My rosemary is growing on the top, but it has become scraggly and as you can see the bottom is not doing well. I think one problem is that I have not harvested on a consistent basis. I also should maybe be either replanting it or finding a permanent home for it in the ground. But I love it and want it to survive and thrive and it is being neglected… help…

This is one of my cucumber plants, a few of them have this problem. It looks like something may be eating along the stem?? In several places where this has happened all of the plant past the spot has browned and withered away. Any ideas?

What is eating my Morning Glory?

What is causing the brown spots on my green zebra tomatoes? It has gotten lots of blossoms, but each time the blossoms fall off and no fruit sets.

Why is some of the sage on my beautiful sage plant dying. This has been one of my steadfast plants, lasted the winter and thrived through the crazy spring weather – now I do not know why parts of it are dying.

But, in happier garden reporting – the unknown plant that came up and I am letting grow has blossomed. Is it a gourd maybe??

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on what is going on with my garden’s problem areas. Please share my post through your social media channels or forward it on to your friends!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy some gardening in this beautiful weather, I know we are going to! My garden smells absolutely divine right now. We finally snagged a couple of buckets of Chico Chai mulch and spread it out in the garden, and not only am I excited about the benefits of it to my soil and plants – but seriously – my garden smells AMAZING right now! Here is Bizz spreading the mulch around the marigolds that he planted!


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Gardening: Goals vs Real Life! August 2, 2011

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My garden:

Veggie Garden (photo by Seemann, courtesy of

A beautiful 1/2 acre or so with rows of heirloom & cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, strawberries, squash, peppers and more. A small field of blueberries behind the garden area, with an area in between the two that the kids play and laugh while I am gardening.  I can hear the chickens scratching in the yard beside the garden and the butterflys and bees are plentiful in my wildflower rows! Summer’s bounty is brought in daily and eaten or preserved for winter…… WAKE UPDarn, this isn’t my real life????

Real Life:

This year I started out so well with seedlings in the house started from local organic seed companies.

I have drip line that is ready to put in (it is still ready to put in…. any takers?)

Crazy year of late cold/rain in our area made me wait and wait to plant (though maybe I should have just planted a little earlier and protected the plants when necessary?)

Half my seedlings ended up dying because I didn’t get them planted in time or I forgot to water them thoroughly enough, or Bizz and Booboo helped plant them and maybe were not quite gentle enough 🙂

My garden area is a small area between my house and the fence, doesn’t get quite enough sun for full day sun, but enough to usually do okay. The area was overgrown and rocky and a dog run when we purchased our house.

I only have tomatoes (Chadwick Cherry, Green Zebra and San Marzano), Cukes (Lemon, a pickling type and another I can’t remember the name of and lost the seed pack), peppers (2 barely making it Amish Sweet), morning glories that came back from last year, and a couple stowaways that I have no idea what they are yet but I let them grow as an experiment! Oh and two strawberry plants!

As of August 1st, 2011 –

Tomatoes – I have lots of green cherry tomatoes, only about 3 green san marzano’s, and the green zebra are growing well, but some of the leaves have gotten brown patches (see pic below – anyone know what the problem is??) and I don’t have any blossoms turning into tomatoes yet.


Cukes – Started with a ton of blossoms, had lots of them start to turn into cukes and then rot when super tiny (anybody know why this happens?), got our first cuke on Saturday (it was so yummy!!), and now it looks like lots are starting to come in.

Peppers – my pepper plants are struggling, only about a foot tall now. We’ll see what happens.

Strawberries – lots of flowers and got a few early in the season, now it seems that when they are just about ready every time some bug gets them before I do, organic gardening is so hard.

Morning Glories are just starting to blossom – so pretty!

Secret Stowaways  – doing pretty well. Not sure what they are yet. Here is a pic of one, any ideas?

How is your garden doing?