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18, 365, 15000, 60… May 20, 2013

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The number of days until my son graduates Kindergarten… 18!

The number of days it has been since hubby started his new job… 365!

The amount of money Book Family Farm needs to raise through their KickStarter program to replace their worn out tractor… $15,000!

The number of days I am going to blog for a challenge Cheeseslave has posted… 60!

This post will be short and sweet. I need to get my butt in gear and start blogging again. If for no other reason then because it makes me feel good and I enjoy it.

Lots going on around here!

I can’t believe my baby boy will be done with Kindergarten within weeks, wasn’t this just yesterday?


I am so proud of my husband…. tomorrow will be his 1 year anniversary at his new job. It’s been a roller coaster in that this was a totally unexpected job change and big family move. We have had our fair share of challenges in the past year… but I feel extremely lucky to have a healthy family and to be able to be a Mom full time to my little ones right now. As an added bonus this beautiful spot is now just 10 minutes from where we live…


I wanted to share a quick little blurb as well about an amazing Kickstarter project going on right NOW! Book Family Farm (in Durham, CA… unfortunately not where I am living right now) is a small family farm that is farming the right way. Raising grass fed, pastured animals and selling them locally. I was lucky enough to visit this farm on a regular basis for a few years before we moved and the kids and I always had a wonderful time keeping chickens from jumping in the car to come home with us and seeing day old calves and baby chicks, among other things. These are just good people working hard! They are doing a Kickstarter to raise money to replace their worn out tractor. Every $1 helps…. and if you are able to give a little more they have some awesome incentives available. A day with the farmer, class field trips, photography sessions on the farm and more! Check it out now.

Book Family Farm Kickstarter

The video at the top of their page in also a must watch…

And finally my personal goal. 60 blog posts in the next 60 days. I can’t promise one every single day… but maybe I will double up some days and blow us all away with the good stuff I have to share 🙂

I don’t know how short this ended up being.. but hopefully it was sweet!

‘Til next time,




3 Responses to “18, 365, 15000, 60…”

  1. I just had to add this comment quickly… I haven’t put up a new blog post in a LONG time so I don’t really remember what I had done up to this point. I just posted this and a big window came up and told me on wordpress that I now have 60 posts… I just thought that was kind of funny since my goal is 60 posts in the next 60 days… anyways 🙂

  2. Monica Says:

    Happy to see you blogging again!

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