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Thankful Thursday… May 23rd, 2013 May 23, 2013

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Today’s post for Thankful Thursday is dedicated to my amazing Mother (in-law). Today is her birthday.

YaYa, Norma, Grammy, Mom…. whatever you call her she is simply amazing. Her love for her family and friends is without end. She is the most amazing YaYa to Bizz & BooBoo and constantly spoils them with toys, clothes, fun trips… and most importantly with LOVE!

Thanks you for everything you are to us. We Love you. Happy Birthday!




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Thankful Thursday 10/25/2012 October 25, 2012

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Today, I am thankful for the beauty around where we now live!

Just a few of the many beautiful things that now surround us. More to come in the future of tall tall trees, foggy ocean views, lovely landscapes and coastal flowers…
Have a beautiful day and be thankful for what is in your life!



Thankful Thursday – 9/29/2011! September 29, 2011

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I am thankful….

for my amazing family (beyond my hubby, Bizz & BooBoo)

I am thankful for my parents – who have always loved me for who I am and encouraged me to live my life and be happy, no matter what paths it may lead and where it may take me! I am so grateful to live close to them and have them still be such a regular part of my life!


I am thankful for my sister – my friend. With a 7 year age gap between us, my sister and I were long distance sisters and friends for a long time as I grew up. But now, we live closer to each other and I am so grateful to the friend, amazing Auntie, mud race partner, fashion consultant, and pizza, perogie & venison loving sister that I have!

I am thankful for my brother. Again with a large age gap there has been more time my brother and I have been apart then together throughout our lives. But my brother is one of those people who I know if I ever needed something – he would be there for me, without a doubt, without a second thought, without question. He inspires me with his deep involvement in the lives of his children and his dedication to his family.

I am thankful for my second parents (I guess most people call them in-laws). I truly have the most amazing parents in-law that a girl could ever ask for. From the moment I met them they treated me like family (along with the joking and loving). They are some of the most generous & kind people, parents and grandparents that I know. When I hear others talking about “dreading” a day with their in-laws or a visit with them I can’t help but always think quietly to myself of how very lucky I am!

What are you thankful for today?


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